The Wedding Manicure

There is a moment in women’s life when choosing the right manicure is crucial. We are obviously talking about the wedding day! Bridal manicure should be toned down not to overshadow the dress, makeup, engagement ring, jewellery and accessories – it should be an integral part of the entire outfit. Does it mean that wedding nails should be boring and the bride should «play it safe»? Absolutely no! The current trends are very diverse and provide limitless possibilities and lots of freedom! French manicure is absolutely timeless (not only wedding) classic. It will work under any circumstances regardless of dress style, hairstyle, jewellery and other accessories. Nails covered with light pink camouflage gel with a perfect snow white tip look natural and graceful on hands. No wonder that brides choose this style so often! The great idea for French manicure is camouflage gel Indigo Cover Bling Bling. It contains tiny, shimmering particles that will create a glamorous and stylish wedding nail design.

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