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The Process

  1. Place the gel pads UNDERNEATH the bottom lashes of each eye. ¾ centimeter of skin and all the bottom lashes should still be showing.
  2. Select a two inch strip of tape, then tear it longways.
  3. Use the first piece, at a diagonal, to anchor the lashes from the outer corner to the center. If a client has natural lashes that intersect on the outside edge, increase the diagonal.
  4. Place the second piece from the base of the nose bridge, through the center mark, anchoring the remaining lashes.
  5. Sometimes a third, ½ tape strip is needed for escaping lashes, or natural cat eyes.
  6. Repeat this process on the second eye, then have client close eyes. The outer corner lashes may now be pressing up- it’s okay.
  7. Peel up the gel patch outer edge, keep it taught, move it down to accommodate the natural lash pattern- or maybe up depending on the eye shape, and place the patch

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