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Just recently I was asked for some business advice. I was all ready to go over numbers, spreadsheets, the cost of doing business, supplies, insurance etc. What I missed was what the request was really for.What I heard with my ears was a request for help on business procedures. After scheduling a meeting to coach a startup lash artist, I prepared all my usual

statistics. I had my coaching

handouts ready, but what she needed turned out to be something completely different than what I had anticipated.

We spent about fifteen minutes going over hard numbers and got a plan going, however, what I didn’t hear at first was her cry for emotional support. I didn’t hear the need for reassurance that this is a lucrative career. I didn’t hear the fear of failure, the concern that she wouldn’t be able to fit in all of her responsibilities as a mother, business owner, partner and productive member of society.

I was so focused on getting the numbers right. I was armed with all the data I had collected over the years of my own experience, I was going to help her. That was my mission.

It took me a bit to really look into her eyes and see the sheer fear she was going through. She wanted to follow her passion but was so fearful.

When it hit me, I had to read between the lines, she didn’t really need help with numbers, she needed a mentor, friend, coach and most of all a cheerleader.

When I had my ah ha moment, I figured out what to do.

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