Glue Stations And An Eyelash Confession

Jade Stone Palette

The jade stone is great for keeping the glue cool and most importantly, it comes in a dome shape. This setup is highly recommended for beginners as it allows skills to be refined, ideal for perfecting glue distribution also for an artist working on volume eyelash skills. Even if you’re Read more

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To Make Your Hooded Eyes Shine


With a hooded eye, your crease is not visible, which makes your eyelids look small or non-existent. To get over this challenge, my first tip is to do your makeup with your eyes wide open so that you can see your natural eye crease. Our cruelty free eyeshadow palette is formulated to help give your eyes a natural glow without damaging your eyelash extensions.

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Say Goodbye to Photoshopped Images

CVS, a major retail chain, is taking a stand against these types of photo manipulations in the marketing of its instore beauty brands and in promotional displays.

Photos that are retouched will have an alert label on them by year 2020 if they don’t comply with these new standards. CVS is really setting a precedent with this demand. I hope their Read more

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Rainbow Ombre

Ombre is a method of ornamenting nails that has been popular for a few years. No wonder – it is spectacular, easy to do and has a lot of potential with different colour combinations. There are many ways to create an ombre effect. We can make it vertical or horizontal, we can also create very popular lately babyboomer ( an ombre french), and put different ornaments Read more

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More Tools & Tips For Mobile Lash Artists

Glad Lash Lashing Pillow

This amazing memory foam pillow is not just for mobile service! I have been fantasizing about a product like this for many years, and it’s finally here! This tool will allow you to turn a chair and a table into a comfy lash station. My favorite part is the extra forearm support for extra stable hands. I was pleased to

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