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Ombre is a method of ornamenting nails that has been popular for a few years. No wonder – it is spectacular, easy to do and has a lot of potential with different colour combinations. There are many ways to create an ombre effect. We can make it vertical or horizontal, we can also create very popular lately babyboomer ( an ombre french), and put different ornaments on top of it (snake skin) or add some Swarovski crystals. Moreover, ombre can be created with any product that comes in colour – from traditional nail polishes to gel polishes and acrylic powders.

The method to create ombre with acrylic powder is the least known and one of the easiest to create. Apart from colour acrylic powders we also need a flat brush like a One Stroke I. All it takes is patting different colours of powders into a dispersive layer of gel or gel polish and create a colour transition. This method is fast and it won’t stain cuticle area. You also don’t need to build your nail with gel or acrylic.


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